Laser Tattoo Removal

Give your birthday suit a second chance!

Tattoos were meant to be permanent. But what if you have a tattoo you no longer want?  Before now the methods for removing them, and the results, have been less than ideal. But there is a new era in laser removal technology, and Inklifters has it! 

Superior Technology

Inklifters is Utah's only provider of both the PicoWay™ and PicoSure™ tattoo removal lasers in Utah. The Picosecond technology behind these laser is the most effective laser to treat the removal of tattoos, which means less pain, better results, and fewer treatments for you. Discover the groundbreaking technology of the PicoWay™ and PicoSure™ picosecond technology 

Visit our FAQ for answers to common laser tattoo removal questions. 

Amazing Results

All types and colors of tattoos can be effectively treated using the PicoWay™ and PicoSure™ lasers. Beyond the normal body art the laser can remove traumatic and surgical tattoos.  Some ink colors respond better to the laser, while others may take additional treatments for removal. While there is no guarantee of complete removal, Picosecond technology will deliver the best results available in the shortest time possible.


Check out the Before & After Gallery of tattoos treated with PicoSure.  Also be sure to look at our FAQ page for answers to common laser tattoo removal questions. 

Unrivaled Experts

We provide the best results possible by always keeping our patients as the first priorty.  Our services will restore your skin more quickly and with less discomfort than anyone else can in Utah. 

Learn why Inklifters is the best in the business.  We've been removing tattoos since 2007, and have laser expertise going back 20+ years.

Get Started

Inklifters offers a complimentary consultation for PicoSure laser tattoo removal.  We will discuss a personalized plan and give you a quote to remove your tattoo during your visit. 


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